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pretty fun so far! i really like the sprite designs and the music fits pretty well. my only suggestion is maybe an option to fire employees? im excited to see what you add next!



BRO!! This game was kinda meh to me I couldn't really find away to not go Negative in my money on here and I think it need some customization, upgrade options, and a tutorial on how to play. Other then that it could be a good game.


Amazing and intriguing proposal! Let the managers go crazy lol I bet it will be a great game if we get the support they need to continue development <3


I featured SPACEBAR in my top free itch games of the week! The concept for this game was brilliant and I just loved the aesthetic! Really great team effort and I can't wait to see what you all get up to in the future!


Love this game!!
The art/design are so cute 🥰
And I laughed a lot with the mechanic to "motivate" your employees 😆


Design and idea are good! 

Thank u, 42Shadesofgame!


Wow! I can believe this game was made in 5 days, I really enjoy my time playing it. I wish manager could do something more! Congratulations!

We are very happy to receive your comment, we plan to make some changes to the game soon, thanks for playing! 

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It's really good looking and the concept is pretty cool, nice sound design as well.
To make it better i would advice you to reinforce some visual feedbacks such as the currency flow, i'm not sure to understand exactly what is making me lose or earn money, and the "motivate your employees" action feel like not much happens, employees run a bit faster but it could be more than that ;) hope my feedback will help you make you game better, i think it has a very good potential !

Thanks for Feedback 1D Game, we will make these changes soon, thanks for playing. ^^


I just loved to play this game, I loved the choice of the "alien like creatures" and the colors. It makes me feel in my very beginning when I was a 11 year old boy in 1991 playing Toejam & Earl, a non-aggressive game with aliens as a metaphor for the cultural diversity. Keep on doing amazing stuff!  

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Hey, We are happy to know that you enjoyed the game, we still didn't know this ToeJam & Earl let's take a look at it. thanks for mentioning this game. 👀🎮